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  • English Bull Terrier 46 cm tall will make you want to pet him. His adorable little face and life-like features really do make the children love this statue. The look on his face makes you say “aww” every time you see him. This Stone dog comes in a choice of 8 different finishes. They consist of- Black Wash | Brown | Green | Ocre | Oriental Green | Oriental Red | Oxidized | Standard. This ensures that no matter where you place this ornament, it will look great!
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  • Big Roaring Elephant 76cm

    Big Roaring Elephant 76cm in height. He stands with 1 foot raised off the floor and his trunk up high roaring to keep the nasty away.
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  • Buddha Plaque 55 cm

    Buddha Plaque 55 cm

    Buddha Plaque 55 cm, it depicts the head of a buddha in a chiseled fashion giving the buddha plaque a 3D look to it. Created using the highest quality materials, this plaque is made to look stunning on any wall in any space. Enhancing / providing a level of tranquility and self strength appreciated by any individual that sees it. The detailed features are crafted in this plaque ensuring that when it catches your eye, you take a good look and admire its beauty.
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  • Classic Urn & Base 113 cm

    Classic Urn & Base 113 cm The Classic Urn & Base 113 cm  tall, weighing 138 kg, is a perfect addition to any garden. Highly detailed and stunning, the hand finished Classic Urn & Base would look wonderful in any garden or on any terrace.
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  • Curious Wall Cat 45 cm tall

    Curious Wall Cat 45 cm tall Curious Wall Cat 45 cm tall is a perfect addition to any garden. Highly detailed and stunning, this cat would look wonderful in any garden. Our master craftsmen created this to look as perfect as possible. Crafted from grade-A materials that hold details for years and years, this ornament might just be the item that's missing from your property.
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  • Decorative Round Base 25cm

    This is a universal base that can be used in combination with many of our ornaments. This base was crafted with great care making sure the details are long lasting. Available in eight different colors, when paired with any of our statues, this base looks beautiful!
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  • Fossilized Koi Fish 57cm

    The Koi fish is known for its good luck and fortune. Commonly found in chinese restaurants and businesses. This fossiled Koi is ready to bring good luck and prosperity to your property and to all those living in it. Available in a range of colors, please see below for details.
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  • Frogs on Rock 17 cm

    Frogs on Rock 17 cm Frogs on Rock 17 cm tall would look lovely in any garden, by a pond or in the corner of a garden / terrace. These reptiles really do give your space a little extra ‘something’. Not too big and not too small, this garden ornament has plenty of detail to draw your eyes towards it. We have found that children especially like to get a good look at this statue.
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