Pelican Bird 79cm


This pelican stands in the reeds looking for fish, so placing it by a pond would be ideal. Available in 8 different colors, its sure that this statue would look lovely anywhere you place it.

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Pelican Bird 79cm

For any bird lover and garden enthusiast this Pelican Bird 79cm tall is a perfect addition to any garden. Highly detailed and stunning, this Pelican would look wonderful next to a pond. Our mast craftsmen created this to look as perfect as possible. Created from grade-A materials that hold details for years and years, this ornament might just be the item thats missing from your property.

This ornament in hands comes in a choice of 8 different finishes. They consist of- Black Wash | Brown | Green | Ocre | Oriental Green | Oriental Red | Oxidized | Standard. This ensures that no matter where you place this ornament, it will look great!

For peace of mind when ordering this Pelican Bird 79cm we pack it securely. We then ship using the best / safest modes of delivery. This ensures your ornament gets to your desired location in pristine condition.

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Weight 38 kg
Dimensions 79 cm
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