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  • Boy Watching World Go By 46cm

    This little boy sits with his head in his hands, with a lovely little smile on his face as he watches the world go by. The attention to detail is mainly in his expression, you can really feel that he's just watching the world go by. He is available to order in a multitude of colors, please see below for more information.
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  • Buddha Fountain 102cm

    Buddha Fountain 102cm is one of those stone art garden ornaments that are well recieved by any foe that enter the area it's situated in. A fountain that creates a sense of well being and calmness is always recieved well.
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  • Buddha Fountain 85 cm

    Buddha Fountain 85 cm

    Buddha Fountain 85 cm in height. Hand made in artificial stone by our in-house technicians. Made using only the highest quality materials to ensure quality. This water fountain provides a sense of peace and tranquility to any area it’s placed. Just listening to the sound of the water induces a sense of calm and well being. Click on the photo for full view.
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  • Buddha Fountain 91cm

    This Indonesian style buddha fountain sitting in the Padmasana / Lotus pose is a true work of stone art. It would look stunning in any area, especially in a garden with whimsical features.
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  • Buddha Head 50cm

    Buddha Head 50cm is a highly desired item created with love and care by our mast craftsmen. Created using only the highest materials, this buddha head has captured the attention of anyone that has any interest in buddha. It is available in multiple colors that vary in price.
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  • Buddha Plaque 55 cm

    Buddha Plaque 55 cm

    Buddha Plaque 55 cm, it depicts the head of a buddha in a chiseled fashion giving the buddha plaque a 3D look to it. Created using the highest quality materials, this plaque is made to look stunning on any wall in any space. Enhancing / providing a level of tranquility and self strength appreciated by any individual that sees it. The detailed features are crafted in this plaque ensuring that when it catches your eye, you take a good look and admire its beauty.
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  • Buddha Plaque 62cm

    Buddha Plaque 62cm was created by our highly talented craftsmen to capture the eyes of anyone that comes near it. Highly detailed, this beautiful wall plaque will look stunning in any room / garden wall / outdoor venue or even in a decrotive space placed in the floor. Available in 8 different colors that range in price, this buddha plaque is certainly one to be considered while creating your oriental / zen space.
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  • Buddha Statue 110cm

    Buddha Statue 110cm is our biggest buddha, he towers above the other buddhas we craft. That does not mean he is lacking detail... This life-like buddha is stunning to see and calming to be near. He is available in eight different color, the colors vary in price.
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  • Buddha Statue 23cm

    Buddha Statue 23cm tall and 1.5kg in weight. He is made using the best materials to ensure quality and detail that lasts. He is available in 8 different colors (Black Wash | Brown | Green | Ocre | Oriental Green | Oriental Red | Oxidized | Standard) which also range in price. This statue can be considered a great gift for anyone into buddhism.
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