A wide variety of Animal Stone Art products that range from small Meerkats to Dogs to Elephants and more!

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  • English Bull Terrier 46 cm tall will make you want to pet him. His adorable little face and life-like features really do make the children love this statue. The look on his face makes you say “aww” every time you see him. This Stone dog comes in a choice of 8 different finishes. They consist of- Black Wash | Brown | Green | Ocre | Oriental Green | Oriental Red | Oxidized | Standard. This ensures that no matter where you place this ornament, it will look great!
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  • Bambi Sitting 26cm

    Bambi Sitting 26cm tall would look gorgeous in a garden with semi long grass by the trees. Children love to play and get up close with this ornament. Bambi needs a new home, will it be your home? Available in a variety of colors, we're sure bambi will look lovely in your home.
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  • Bambi Standing 42cm

    This beautiful statue is made and crafted by our master craftsmen to look as real as possible. Countless hours were spent creating this statue to ensure that it would look as beautiful as possible. Available in a variety of colors, this Bambi is sure to look perfect where ever you place it.
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  • Big Roaring Elephant 76cm

    Big Roaring Elephant 76cm in height. He stands with 1 foot raised off the floor and his trunk up high roaring to keep the nasty away.
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  • Birdy Hands 17cm

    This little statue has been made and crafted by our master craftsmen. They used grade-A materials to ensure this ornament has and holds amazing details. This outdoor ornament also comes in a variety of different colors to ensure it looks good in any space you place it.
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  • Curious Dog Sitting 41cm

    This little dog sitting with a curious look on his face may just be the little something extra your home has been looking for. Unlike a real dog, this cute little fella doesn't require feeding nor does he need to be taken for walks. For more information please see below.
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  • Curious Fox 48cm

    This curious fox sits proud with a curious eye, watching everything that happens around him. Crafted from top end materials, this wonderful statue holds the details and features expected to be seen in real life foxes. Available in eight different colors, this fox is sure to look lovely no matter where you place him.
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  • Curious Little Frog Sitting 15cm

    Little Sitting Frog sitting in his 'curious' position is ready to bring a smile to anyone. He would look wonderful in any garden with a pond or pool. We have noticed that children like to enjoy this little statue. This little frog is available in a variety of colors, please check below to see.
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  • Curious Wall Cat 45 cm tall

    Curious Wall Cat 45 cm tall Curious Wall Cat 45 cm tall is a perfect addition to any garden. Highly detailed and stunning, this cat would look wonderful in any garden. Our master craftsmen created this to look as perfect as possible. Crafted from grade-A materials that hold details for years and years, this ornament might just be the item that's missing from your property.
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