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  • Small Watchfull Owl 15cm

    This small little owl is ready to be watchful on any windowsill or any desk. This litle watchful owl may also be the perfect gift for anyone that has an interest in birds, especially owls.
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  • Smiling Worm 8cm

    Smiling worm couldn't be more happy if he tried. This would be a great addition to any garden, especially a garden that belongs to children. The smile on his face is cute enough to bring a smile to anyone. Available in a variety of eight different colors, this happy worm is sure to look lovely no matter where you place him.
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  • Snoozing Cat 20 cm

    Snoozing Cat 20 cm Snoozing Cat 20 cm
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  • Spinx Cat 50 cm tall

    Spinx Cat 50 cm tall. A perfect addition to any garden. Highly detailed and stunning, this cat would look wonderful in any garden. Our master craftsmen created this to look as perfect as possible. Crafted from grade-A materials that hold details for years and years, this ornament might just be the item that's missing from your property.
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  • Standing Meerkat Family 55cm

    This statue of a Meerkat family standing to attention has some wonderful features. Our master craftsman really did pull out all the stops on this one. The deep definition and detail in this statue draws your eyes in to look closer. This wonderful ornament would enhance any garden or terrace space you place it.
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  • Watchful Owl 38cm

    This watchfull owl is ready to sit in your garden and keep an eye on things. He comes in a variety of eight different colors to ensure this lovely looking owl fits in perfectly with your space. Please take a look below to see the colors availble and to make your order.
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  • Yawning Hippopotamus 27cm

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  • Yorkshire Terrier 25cm

    This lovely little dog is called a Yorkshire Terrier, for anyone that knows or owns one... you'll know just how much fun they can be. This little fella is striking the normal yorky pose (the curious pose). Our craftsmen have spent hours creating the life-like features and the stunning detail that yorky fans will love.
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